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Structure, create, and scale your business's products and services, helping you sell your offers of up to 20x more, building authority even with a small audience

The mentoring for established business owners that are looking for more freedom, clarity, and a revenue raise by offering digital products and services through my exclusive Infinite Product Method and Elegant BusinessOS.

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Who's it for?

For those that need to launch their brands in the internet, but already have an "offline" business by offering digital educational products.

For those that already have an audience online, but are confused when it comes to selling products in the internet and how to create infoproducts.

For those that want to charge high ticket for their services, learn how to create digital products for automatic sales and better offers, and have more autonomy.

You will finally have a guided, structured step by step to use the power of the digital in your favor so you can sell products that range from 9$ - 497$ to 997$ - 5979$ - without having a bunch of followers or being famous

During 10 years of working in the strategic field — digitally and  in the offline – I’ve noticed that the biggest hurdle of entrepreneurs is to establish a structure that allows them to be innovate the way they serve their current and new clients, and adapting to new formats to bring more value and revenue, at a higher profit margin.

Entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking to attract new clients, as well as to sell to older ones, who are not going to cry about pricing and discounts.

During my that time I have created a methodology, a step by step that I will walk you through, that want your 5 or 6 figure revenue, selling premium digital products and services — even if you have. a physical business.

Excuse me for a minute, let me ask you a few questions

If you’ve said no to these questions… close this page!

You will delve with me in a world that has not been presented to you by any internet guru. I say this with 100% certainty. 

You will be guided by me in most important aspects that will help you have more results in the short and long term of your business.

No hacks. Just focused, intelligent work. To be elegant is to be selective, elective, and here the strategy is simple, but effective. Use your time selectively, using the power of infoproducts (digital educational products) to close the gap in your sales funnel.

If you stopped to read this landing page it’s because…

You must be tired of hacks and "quick tips"

When I was starting out to understanding all of this, I also fell in to the “valuable content trap”, both consuming and creating, and I quickly realized that the structures out there made no sense.

And not only that, I saw other people struggling with it too, but the gurus didn’t do anything about it.

Therefore, there was a legion of frustrated, confused people, with subpar business structures, offering brand strategy services they were not prepared to serve.

What I did was this: I turned to the Brazilian market, because I saw experts with small teams doing 2 – 3 million a month in revenue.

What I found there forever changed how I viewed the internet, business, and marketing

I discovered a method to sell digital products and services (power offer) that no one was doing anywhere else. Then, I paired it with my brand strategy knowledge.

When you don't have clarity, your freedom dies

During the pandemic, I saw a bunch of businesses die, and so did you, right? And some stayed afloat, and some really flourished. The ones saw flourish all had that one thing in common: they were providing transformation through educational digital products. 

Here’s the interesting part: they were able to keep innovating and selling, even in such a seemingly financially moment. This is because they had clarity in their structure. Therefore, I decided to try that structure as well.

With my previous brand strategy knowledge, a design uni and a digital media uni in my belt, I was able to test and create a brand new method — and improve with my old ones.

Even with less than 600 followers in our jewellery business Instagram, we were able to make 6 figures a month only through Whatsapp.

I attribute this 100% to the fact we rebuilt the structure from ground up and knew exactly who to sell to, how, and how the business should develop from there.

This is the entire reason why I systemised all the process of an elegant and premium business model, the structure, and the creation of digital products aligned with your power offer, and of course the brand strategy.

You will need just a few days to implement and start making your money, while building your authority online.

What I walk you through the mentoring is the exact method I use with all my businesses — online and physical — that help me, my business partners, my mentees, my clients sell their expertise through courses, ebooks, formations, certificates, workshops, high ticket services & masterminds, and of course, their physical products if they have them, and be very well paid every month.

I do not know anyone outside of Brazil other than my students and mentees that are using this business structure, even though it’s extremely simple and straight forward.

You will be able to go through all of this process with less stress, more efficiency and optimize your work hours. That is, if you commit to going through 100% of the steps. 

This is what you will learn in The Digital Passport:

Once you're through, you will be ready to:

On The Digital Passport I will personally direct you to the 5 most important pillars for you to succeed in implementing an elegant and premium business model:

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The mentor

Brazilian and Italian living in Finland for 10 years, she has been performing in the brand creation market since 2012. Brand strategist, mentor for 7 years, owner of a hybrid jewellery store with her mother since she was 19 years old, and specialist in creating digital products and product funnels that sell, even for those who are starting out now in the market.

Common questions — FAQ

What if I don't see the email or message when you get in touch me?

You have 7 days to respond to the email or to the Whatsapp.

I suggest you add the support number to your contact list or use the button on all the pages in our website.

‪+358 41 4710826‬

How long do I have to reserve my spot?

Once it’s your turn, we’ll contact you via email and Whatsapp. If you take more than 7 days to reserve your spot, we will consider your request as invalid, and you will have to submit yourself to the list again.

Can I schedule the 5 meetings whenever I can?

The first meetings will be scheduled when it’s your turn. That meetings will be confirmed after payment.

During the first meetings, we will stipulate the deadline for each movement we discuss, and, at the same time, scheduling the same meetings.

That way, you commit to the entire project by having set dates to show up. The whole point is to have accountability during the process and not procrastinate. Max respect for your work, mine and the other students waiting in the VIP list.

What are the payment methods?

We offer Paypal and Stripe, which will allow you to pay with cards or through your bank (if available in your country).

What if I want more follow up time?

You can ask for a pause on the Whataspp follow up, in case something happens.

However, the goal is that you grow your business to sit at First Class (my premium mastermind for those that have made 6 figures with one movement). This is why we don’t offer extended periods: we give you the tools to run by yourself.

You can, however, talk to the other members of the program, collaborate, ask feedback, and help.

What are the guarantees?

After scheduling the first meeting and paying, you have up to 7 days to ask for a full refund on the Whatsapp number. After that window, we will refund 70% of the value because you blocked the calendar, delayed the progress of the list and didn’t show up.

I scheduled the first meeting and I can't show up, what then?

You have 2 meetings reschedule “credit”. After this, you lose the chance to finish the movement. That’s right. This isn’t kindergarten and I want you to take it seriously. I want commitment from my students.

What if I don't get the expected results?

The goals of the movement will be defined during the process. You will learn to do a debriefing during the process, which will be the tool you will use when this happens, even when I’m not around. You will need to analyse what goes wrong, and if that happens – which is unlikely — I will be there to guide you through the next movement via Whatsapp.

Considering you have followed the process exactly how we discuss, there should be no problems.

If you don’t achieve the expected, good or exceedingly good goals, our debriefing and my analysis during the Whatsapp follow up will bring clarity on why, and you will have to try again. This is exactly why we have a debriefing process and the Whatsapp follow up: this is part of the process, but if you do “fail” for whatever reason, you will have expert eyes overlooking.

Will all the meetings be 3h long?

The meetings can last less, it depends on the student.

Where will I have access to the extra material?

There will be a Notion student area for you. In it, we will create everything together on the base I have ready.

For how long can I access the recorded content?

All the content has no expiry date. All the videos are uploaded privately to Youtube, meaning only you will have the link.

What if the price goes up before it's my turn?

If that happens, the date you signed up for the list is recorded, and the price that it was on that day will be what you will be charged.


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